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about why, how and which
customer experience
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Managers around the globe recognize the importance of customer experience measurement and management as the ultimate success driver for their business.

A major problem is that, despite an understanding of the importance of customer relationships to a company’s success and a enthusiastic embrace of customer experience management, managers neither have a good understanding of what customer experience management entails, nor do they know precisely what they must do to achieve success.

That is why the certifications offered by The Institute are both, important and timely.

Businesses who recognize how complex the process of designing, managing and measuring customer experience can be, will be provided with a clear step-by-step approach based upon Prof. Dr. Klaus bestselling book and more than 10 years of his research dedicated to this task.

The Institute’s value proposition revolves around a 5-level CX Certification journey, ranging from entry-level front-office employees to CEO and C-level executives willing to move faster and outperform their competitors.

These certifications provide a useful guide, and address the three most pressing questions managers face today:

Where are we currently in terms of managing and measuring customer experience?

Where do we want to be?

And most important, how do we get there?

No matter which stage you are entering, we prepare you perfectly to receive your personal certification with highly interactive sessions and lectures, group work and presentations, based on actual business case studies.

Levels 1 to 5